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Formerly the Diecast Toy Collectors Association

What is the TCCA? 
The Toy Car Collectors Association (TCCA) is an international association devoted to the collecting, preservation and enjoyment of die-cast, white metal, pressed steel, tinplate, cast iron, and other transportation toys and models.

The TCCA began in May 1993 as the Majorette Diecast Toy Collectors Association, but was quickly changed, under the threat from Majorette of France of corporate control and licensing fees, to the more generic North American Diecast Toy Collectors Association, founded November 1993 by Mr. Dana Johnson of Bend, Oregon. The club name was eventually shortened to the Diecast Toy Collectors Association (DTCA) to reflect the club's growing international interest.

As of November 1st, 2000, the name of the club was changed to the Toy Car Collectors Association (TCCA) with its new Toy Car Collector Magazine beginning in January 2001. The new TCCA provided a broader focus that includes toy cars produced using other materials such as plastic, rubber, resin, tinplate, pressed steel and white metal.

In December 2006, the club ceased publication of its Toy Car Collector Magazine, but the Toy Car Collectors Association continues online at and on the shared e-mail list. Subscribe at no charge online at or by sending blank e-mail to

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